Asheville, NC

Acerca de Nosotros

The Asheville Chapter of the Awesome Foundation is a fully autonomous chapter that supports local projects through micro-grants of $1000. The funds come out of the pockets of the chapter's "trustees" and are given to both people and groups working on awesome projects. 501c3 status is not a requirement! The grants can go to groups, individuals, or small non-profit organizations.

We are entirely run by volunteers and there is no overhead for administration.

If you would like to apply for a grant, please think about whether your project fits these criteria:

1) Is it awesome? (We LOVE creative and impactful.)

2) Does it directly benefit Western North Carolina? (We don't even have enough resources to fund all of the awesome in this region. If you're applying from somewhere else, please think about a chapter closer to where you live.)

3) Will $1,000 make or break your project? (If you are asking for $1000 as part of a $300,000 campaign, it will be hard to see our impact.)


Please note that we do not typically fund: travel, salaries, or living expenses. While we would love to be able to fund personal development projects, our limited funds do not allow us to do so. If you are intending to write, are in the process or writing, or have written a book, we commend you for undertaking such a task, but are unlikely to give a grant towards publishing, marketing, or creating your book.

If you have a question about the application process, please email us at

Those unable to complete the application online can call or text us at 828-771-6776.

We are also looking for new Trustees to join us! If you have the time to join, or would like to sponsor someone else in the community who you know (or someone who we think would make a great Trustee) please contact us at

Our second grant cycle of 2021 is starting! Please have your application to us no later than October 1st. We will let finalists know by October 8th and will host a Pitch Party to pick a winner on October 24th at 6pm at Ginger's Revenge in Asheville.

If your project is picked as a finalist, we will ask you to attend a live event in Asheville to give a five-minute presentation and answer questions about your project.

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