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Applicants! We have given out our last public grant for 2022! Any applications received will be considered for our JANUARY 2023 grant!

Please join us at our December 6th fundraiser and pitch contest at Reason + Ruckus to help us select a December grantee from local organizations! More details here!.

The City of Poughkeepsie is AWESOME! We're so excited to be able to bring more resources to our neighbors and fund YOUR community projects in our vibrant and diverse community. We're particularly excited about projects that are inclusive and will engage our residents.

Each month we plan to give one $1,000 grant. We encourage a variety of project ideas but especially favor those that are open to the public and those that forge new collaborations or partnerships.

Please be as specific as possible in your applications! We want to know that you have a clear plan for this grant.

We evaluate projects for social impact, benefit to the public, ability to successfully execute, level of collaboration, and originality in idea. We also will consider your timeline.

We do not fund projects that don't directly impact City of Poughkeepsie or its residents, donations to an organization without a specific plan for the $1,000, seed funding for businesses without a social impact, or salaries that are not tied to a specific event.

We are unlikely to fund anything that benefits only one or two individuals (like a trip, workshop, or personal/professional development) or things that can be considered living expenses.

Awesome Poughkeepise is a volunteer-run group. If you have questions about the application process, seek additional help, or want to get involved as a volunteer or trustee, email poughkeepsie@awesomefoundation.org.

Our timeline: -The applications open on the 15th of each month - Close on the 14th of each month at 11:59pm. - Meeting around the 3rd Thursday of the Month - Checks get delivered on the 1st week of the month

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